About Susan

Its tactile nature, the full spectrum of indescribable colors enveloping me, the possibilities of the imagination, all attracted me to fiber as early as my pre-school days when I watched the women in my family create beautiful bed quilts and incredible clothing. Throughout the first seven decades of my life, the attraction never disappeared as I joined them in this art media. 


Then, after having a career as a psychotherapist for thirty-five years, plus being a graduate school professor for ten years, I was able to become a full-time studio artist without the interruption of work when I moved to Texas. Before Texas, I spent sixty-five years as an Iowan and part-time Coloradoan. 


In the early 1980’s, I dabbled with what would later become known as art quilts.  I have exhibited and won awards for my improvisational art quilting in Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, and Texas. 


Creating without patterns and dreaming up images still happily consume my thought process as I work in my studio. 

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